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06 august 2018, 11:31


The call widget for mobile devices.


  • Widget show only for mobile device users (use mobile-detect.js to detect mobile).
  • Flexible configuration of the widget display time for each day.
  • You may to turn off using mobile-detect library in system settings.
  • You can use your own JS/CSS files.

    Component settings

    ClickToCall snippet parameter

    Name Default Description
    &force 0 Forced widget call
    &phone Phone number for widget, if not specified system setting clicktocall_phone will be used
    &tpl ClickToCall.tpl Widget's chunk
    &useCustomCss 0 Turn off default CSS.
    &useCustomJs 0 Turn off default JS.

Note: If you turn off default CSS and JS you need manually write your own JS and CSS for widget

System settings:

Name Default Description
clicktocall_mobiledetect Yes Use mobile-detect.js?. If you are already use mobile-detect.js on your site, turn it off.
clicktocall_phone Default phone for widget

NOTE: Snippet must be called non-cached!


For forced widget's call use &force parameter:

[[!ClickToCall? &force=`1`]]

In this case snippet will ignore time frames.

If you want to show different phones one your pages you can use:

[[!ClickToCall? &phone=`+79991234567`]]


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