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Outputs section list with tickets.


Snippet is caused uncashed


NameBy defaultDescription
&depth0Search depth of the resources from every parent.
&fastMode0If activated - values from DB only will be fitted in the result chunk. All the unprocessed tags MODX, such as filters, snippet output and others - will be cut.
&includeContent0Chooses the field «content» from resources.
&includeTVsThe list of TV parameters for the selection, with a comma. For example: «action,time» will give the placeholders [[+action]] and [[+time]].
&limit10Limit of the result selection.
&offset0Result omission from the beginning of the selection.
&outputSeparatorOptional string for separation of the work result.
&parentsList of the categories, with a comma, for search of the results.The selection is limited by the current parent by default. If 0 is set - the selection is not limited.
&resourcesThe list of the resources, with a comma, for the result output. If resource id begins with a minus, this resource is excluded from the selection.
&showDeleted0Shows the deleted resources.
&showHidden0Shows resources hidden in the menu.
&showLog0Shows extra information about snippet’s work. For authorized in the «mgr» context only.
&showUnpublished0Shows unpublished resources.
&sortbyviewsSorting of selection.
&sortdirDESCDirection od selection.
&toPlaceholderIf it is not empty, snippet will save all the data in placeholder with the very name instead of displaying on the screen.
&tpltpl.Tickets.sections.rowDesign chunk for every result.
&tvPrefixPrefix for TV placeholders, for example «tv.». The parameter is empty by default.
&whereThe string coded in JSON with extra conditions of selection.


The list can be extended by the common parameters pdoTools, since Tickets works on this library.


Simple call.