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This controller is meant for the user's profile editing. Taking into account that your users enter the site through email, they will have to give some of their data, for example, their name and surname.

It also helps to change email, with an obligatory check.

NameBy defaultDescription
&tplProfiletpl.Office.profile.formChunk for output and editing of a user's profile.
&tplActivatetpl.Office.profile.activateChunk for activation letter.
&profileFieldsвсе основные поля профиляList of fields that a user can edit, with commas. You can also indicate maximal length of values after a colon. For example, &profileFields=`username:25,fullname:50,email` .
&requiredFieldsusername,email,fullnameList of fields that are obligatory for editing. These fields should be filled in for successful profile update. For example, &requiredFields=`username,fullname,email` .
&HybridAuth1Turn on integration with HybridAuth, if it is installed.
&providersList of providers of HybridAuth authorization, with commas. All accessible providers are here {core_path}components/hybridauth/model/hybridauth/lib/Providers/. For example, &providers=`Google,Twitter,Facebook` .
&providerTpltpl.HybridAuth.providerChunk for output of a link to authorization or adding the HybridAuth service to an account.
&activeProviderTpltpl.HybridAuth.provider.activeChunk for output of the icon of the added HybridAuth service.
&avatarParams{"w":200,"h":200,"zc":0,"bg":"ffffff","f":"jpg"}JSON line with parameters of avatar conversion with help of phpThumb. By default - {"w":200,"h":200,"zc":0,"bg":"ffffff","f":"jpg"}.
&avatarPathimages/users/Directory for saving avatars for users inside MODX_ASSETS_PATH. By default - images/users/.

Accurate value of parameter &profileFields by default:


This snippet also has its own system setting with a standard id, which is filled in at the first call. If a user has no name and office_profile_page_id is not empty, this user will be redirected to this page unless they fill in their name.

That is, after the first authorization through email the user will be sent to fill in their profile and will not be able to exit it until they fill all the gaps.

Extended fields

Controller helps to edit extended fields of a user's profile, like extended.some_field. For this you have to:

  1. Show them in the form

    <label for="extended.some_field">Some field</label>
    <input name="extended[some_field]" value="[[+extended.some_field]]" id="extended.some_field">
  2. Allow input


Please notice that extended field is an array, and for this reason when sending the form it is indicated as extended[some_field], whereas when putting placeholders as extended.some_field.


As profile editing by the user helps them to save different data in your site's database, and their data will be then shown in the admin space and maybe even on the site itself, the data have to be filtrated.

The rules are the following:

  1. All HTML tags in all fields, except for comment, are obligatorily cut.
  2. All fields, except for comment, are filtrated by the regular expression that is indicated in system setting office_sanitize_pcre.