06 august 2018, 11:31

Snippet outputs information about user for organize the profile.


Name Description
&activeProviderTpl Chunk for output icon of the linked services.
&profileFields Comma-separated list of user's fields allowed for edit. Also you can specify max length of values using colon. Example: &profileFields=`username:25,full name:50,email`
&profileTpl Chunk for output and edit user profile.
&providerTpl Chunk for displaying authorization link or for linking service with account.
&requiredFields List of required fields while editing. This fields must be filled for successful profile updating. Example, &requiredFields=`username,full name,email`


Snippet must be called not cached, because since depending on the authorization it displays a different chunks:


The call editing profile with defining of allowed and required fields:


Of course, you must add the additional fields to chunk &profileTpl, snippet not will make it itself.

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