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Snippet is designed to display customer's cart.


ParameterBy defaultDescription
tpltpl.msCartFormatting chunk
includeTVsList of TV parameters for a sample, separated by commas. For example: "action,time" is given by placeholders [[+action]] and [[+time]].
includeThumbsList of preview dimensions for a sample, separated by commas. For example: "120x90,360x240" is given by placeholders [[+120x90]] and [[+360x240]].
toPlaceholderIf not empty, snippet will store all data in placeholder with this name, instead of display.
showLogTo show additional information of the snippet operation. For authorized in "mgr" context only.


Another pdoTools general parameters may be used.


Snippet counts on work with Fenom chunk. It transfers there 2 variables:

  • total - array of final cart values, in which:
    • count - number of goods
    • cost - price of goods
    • weight - total goods weight
  • products - array of cart goods, where every product contains:
    • key - a key of the product in the cart, hash of its values and options
    • count - quantity of goods
    • cost - cost per unit of goods
    • id - goods identifier
    • pagetitle - title of the goods page
    • uri - product address
    • other product characteristics, including options, manufacturer's characteristics, etc.


Simply indicating empty chunk, you may see all item characteristics and final values:


Also modifier print may be used for debugging. Simply create chunkTestCart and indicate in it:

{$total | print}
{foreach $products as $product}
  {$product | print}

Then call it in the cart:


And you will see all available placeholders.

Order creation

It is recommended to call this snippet in junction with others in ordering page:

[[!msCart]] <!-- Review and change of the cart. Hidden after order creation -->

[[!msOrder]] <!-- Order form.Hidden after order creation -->

[[!msGetOrder]] <!-- Display of order information. Showed after order creation -->