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SOLO is a SOLO is a responsive, flexible and beautiful theme. Perfect to showcase your work & services in a stylish, modern way. It includes: easy to sort and edit sections, image gallery, contact form, color options, and easy to edit and update content


The steps to install a MPThemes theme for MODX Revolution are easy!

  1. in the main menu select Extras > Installer
  2. on Package Management page click on the little arrow next to Download Extras and choose Upload a package
  3. the theme should now be listed on the Package Management page Click on the Install button under the package
  4. (for MODX 2.4.0 and up only) Install all the needed dependencies.
  5. follow the steps of the install.
  6. after the installation is finished click OK Finally go to Manage > Clear Cache (for MODX 2.2 and lower Site > Clear Cache)

Your theme for MODX Revolution is installed and ready to go! To view the site click on Content > Preview Site

Using a MODX version lower then 2.4.0?

Then you will need to install the following packages before installing SOLO theme:

  • ace-1.6.3 or higher
  • clientconfig-1.3.1 or higher
  • csssweet-2.0.0 or higher
  • formit-2.2.7 or higher
  • getresources-1.6.1 or higher
  • migx-2.9.4 or higher
  • pthumb-2.3.3 or higher
  • tinymce-4.3.3 or higher
  • wayfinder-2.3.3 or higher

Initial setup

These steps are needed to get started with your theme the right way.

Active FriendlyURL's. We should change the ht.access file in your site root to .htaccess to support Friendly URL's.

  • duplicate or download a backup of the ht.access file in your site root (in the Files tab)
  • rename the file to .htaccess
  • clear the site cache, go to Manage > Clear Cache (for MODX 2.2 and lower Site > Clear Cache)

Next got to the site system setting to activate FriendlyURL's

  • Hover over 'cog icon' on the top right
  • Click on 'System Settings'
  • Click on 'Filter by Area' and select 'Friendly URL'
  • Select 'Yes' for 'Use Friendly URLs'
  • Select 'Yes' for 'Use Friendly Alias Path'

Configure your site style and update general settings under: Extras > Configuration.

There are many settings here including: colors, social media, footer content and more.

Updating your theme

To update your MPThemes MODX theme, simply upload the updated theme zip file to the /core/packages/ folder of your site and repeat the installation steps. Make sure you do not install the demo content!