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WebDAVMediaSource is a network media source for MODX Revolution.

Supported operations:

  • List directory
  • Upload files
  • Create file
  • Edit file
  • Delete directory/file
  • Drag&drop items in tree
  • Cache directory listing and file meta
  • Proxify download requests to remote storage

Supports MySQL and SQLSrv DB schemes. Works with WebDAV v1 protocol. Recently no locking is supported.

Tested with SabreDAV,, Yandex Disk.


NameDefault valueDescription
allowedFileTypesIf set, will restrict the files shown to only the specified extensions. Please specify in a comma-separated list, without the dots preceding the extensions.
authMethodAuthorization method: basic or digest. Select method supported on a server.
basePathThe file path to point the Source to.
baseUrlThe URL that this source can be accessed from. Ignored if proxified.
cachedfalseCache directory listing and file meta.
cacheTime10Hold cached data for period in minutes.
imageExtensionsjpg,jpeg,png,gifA comma-separated list of file extensions to use as images. MODX will attempt to make thumbnails of files with these extensions.
loginLogin name
previewfalseGenerate thumbnails for images. May heavily load network traffic as it needs to get whole remote file. Enable with care.
proxyfalseProxify download requests
serverServer address. Specify as: http[s]😕/host[:port]
skipFiles.svn,.git,_notes,nbproject,.idea,.DS_StoreA comma-separated list. MODX will skip over and hide files and folders that match any of these.
thumbnailQuality90The quality of the rendered thumbnails, in a scale from 0-100.
thumbnailTypepngThe image type to render thumbnails as.
verifySSLtrueCheck host and peer for SSL certificate

Permission security

loadAbility to download objects