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Outputs the form for creating ticket by the user from frontend. *Snippet is caused uncashed.

Snippet's call parameters

Name By default Description
&allowedFields parent,pagetitle,content,published Ticket field which can be filled by a user. You can specify the names of TV parameters.
&context List of contexts for searching for sections, with a comma.
&parents All the available ticket sections are displayed by default, but you can limit them, specifying concrete parents with a comma.
&permissions section_add_children Rights check for publication. Permission "section_add_children" is checked by default.
&redirectUnpublished 0 You can specify to what document a user is supposed to be sent hile creating an unpublished ticket.
&requiredFields parent,pagetitle,content Obligatory ticket fields which a user should fill in order to send a form.
&sortby pagetitle Field for sotring a section list.
&sortdir ASC Sorting direction of the section list.
&tplFormCreate tpl.Tickets.form.create Chunck for creating a new ticket.
&tplFormUpdate tpl.Tickets.form.update Chunck for updating current ticket.
&tplPreview tpl.Tickets.form.preview Chunck for ticket preview before publication.
&tplSectionRow @INLINE <option value="[[+id]]" [[+selected]]>[[+pagetitle]]</option> Chunck for design of question section in the form.
&tplTicketEmailBcc tpl.Tickets.ticket.email.bcc Chunck for notifications of the web-site's admins about new ticket.

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