24 september 2018, 07:00

Snippet for goods gallery display.


Parameter By default Description
tpl tpl.msGallery Formatting chunk
product Product identifier. If not indicated, current document id is used.
limit Sample results limit
offset Skip results from the beginning of the sample
sortby rank Sample sorting
sortdir ASC Sorting direction
toPlaceholder If not empty, snippet will store all data in placeholder with this name, instead of displaying.
where The line, coded in JSON, containing additional sample conditions.
filetype File type for sampling. "image" may be used for picture indication and other files extension. For example: "image,pdf,xls,doc".
showLog To show additional information of snippet operation. For authorized in "mgr" context only.

Other pdoTools general parameters may be also used


The snippet counts on the work with chunk Fenom and transfers there only one variable$files with file array.

You may see all available gallery placeholders simply indicating the empty chunk:


For gallery design Fotoramais used. You may indicate your parameters directly in the chunk , according to instruction.

The presence of the chunk.fotorama element in #msGallery is verified when initializing scripts. The Fotorama scripts and styles will be loaded if only this element is present and contains files.

So if you need not Fotorama at all, simply exclude .fotorama from the chunk.

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