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SEO Suite

SEO Suite was introduced by Sterc as a premium MODX Extra that automatically redirects your 404 URLs to relevant pages on your website. 404 errors are a fairly common issue for anyone who’s transitioning from an old website to a new website. SEO Suite makes sure your visitors are redirected to a relevant page when they’re looking for an old URL.

Through simply uploading a single column .csv file containing your 404 URLs, SEO Suite will look for similar pages on your website and redirect them automatically. This matching process is based on the information after the last slash in the URL.


  1. Gather your 404 URLs in a single column .csv file by exporting them or adding them manually. Make sure you’ve entered full URLs, including the domain. Example: instead of
  2. Import the .csv file in SEO Suite.
  3. SEO Suite will look for similarities between your 404 URLs and the pages on your website:
    • When there’s one match, it will be automatically converted to a 301 redirect, stored in SEO Tab.
    • When there are several matches, you can choose the desired redirect manually.
    • When there are no matches, you can enter a URL yourself.


To make sure that SEO Suite functions properly, the following requirements should be met:

Future features

  • Automatically track 404 pages on your MODX website and add them to SEO Suite to solve them. A dashboard widget will be provided which shows the 10 most recent generated 404 pages.
  • 301 redirect statistics: SEO Suite will feature a custom manager page containing 301 redirects statistics. A dashboard widget will be provided which shows the 10 redirects with the most hits.
  • Automatically import 404's from Google Search Console.

Bugs and feature requests

We greatly value your feedback, feature requests and bug reports. Please issue them on Bitbucket.