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We're collecting the questions we get most often into a list of FAQs.

How do I show my created form?

Make sure that you marked your form as Published, and then add the following snippet call where you want the form to appear (without the spaces):

[[!renderForm? &form=`FORM ID HERE`]]

You can also use a template variable to select the form, and to place the template variable value in the form property.

I want to setup custom validation per field

This can be accomplished by going to the creating (or editing) a field-type in the admin-panel. You can mention a comma-separated list of FormIt-validators in the Validation field in the dialog-window.

I don't like the emails sent by Formalicious

Everything is customizable by using chunks or FormIt parameters. First, create a duplicate of the email-chunk (emailFormTpl or fiarTpl) you wish to change and rename it. Then go to the form which should use this new chunk.

Go to the Advanced section and click Add parameter. Set the parameter-key to emailTpl or fiarTpl and set the value to the chunk you just made.