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Ordering snippet.

Ordering snippet


ParameterBy defaultDescription
tpltpl.msOrderordering chunk
userFieldsAssociative array of matching order fields to user profile fields in the format "order field" => "profile field".
showLogTo show additional information on snippet operation. For authorized in "mgr" context only.


Another pdoTools general parameters may be used.


Snippet counts on the work with chunk Fenom. It transfers 5 variables there:

  • order - order array from the user session
    • delivery - selected delivery method
    • payment - selected payment method
    • cost - total cost of the order
  • deliveries - array of available order delivery options
  • payments - array of payment methods
  • form - array with customer data. It may contain:
    • email - customer address
    • receiver - receiver name
    • phone - phone number
    • index - postcode
    • region - region
    • city - city
    • street - street
    • building - building number
    • room - room number
    • there may be another values, given by &userFields parameter
  • errors - array of the form fields, containing mistakes


When indicating empty chunk you will be able to see all available order placeholders:



Order creation

It is recommended to call this snippet in junction with others on ordering page:

[[!msCart]] <!-- Cart view and change, hidden after order creation -->

[[!msOrder]] <!-- Ordering form, hidden after order creation  -->

[[!msGetOrder]] <!-- Order information display, showed after order creation -->


To obtain name of authorized user not fromfullname, but from username: