06 august 2018, 11:31

Component PageBreaker operates with following system settings:

Parameter Value on default Description
pagebreaker_splitter Set of symbols to delimiter the text on subpages
pagebreaker_page_var p Variable that will be used for page generation
pagebreaker_frontend_js [[+assetsUrl]]js/default.js Link to JavaScript to load it on the page. It operates only if pagebreaker_ajax is on
pagebreaker_frontend_css [[+assetsUrl]]css/default.css CSS formatting to load it on the page
pagebreaker_ajax false Ajax regime
pagebreaker_ajax_selector #pagebreaker_content CSS block selector with page content [[*content]]

Link generation

These types of links will be generated, it depends on parameter pagebreaker_splitter:

Friendly urls off:

Friendly urls on:

  • Document is a container (isfolder = 1)
  • Common document

If friendly urls are on, system parameters also take part:

  • friendly_alias_word_delimiter - delimiter for common documents, on default -
  • container_suffix - delimiter for containers, on default /

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