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About the project


We present to your attention the documentation for the MODX Revolution extras, open to everyone.

This is a free Open Source project hosted on github. This placement allows everyone to supplement the "Documentation" pages, fork, clone the project, saving and modifying the documentation to their liking.

How it works

"Documentation" is powered by VitePress technology. These are static text files written in the simple markup md-language, with some "decorating" additions from VitePress and Front Matter. Unlike the strict md markup language, we get the ability to place emoji, highlight and focus on important code elements, add beautiful warning blocks, and much much more.

The documentation portal is linked to our github repository. Propose your changes through a Pull Request and after approval they will be on the site.

Authors and participants

The "Documentation" project belongs to the Russian-speaking MODX community represented by MODX RSC, is developed and maintained on a voluntary basis. Each of the community members is an equal co-owner of the project and contributes as much as possible.

Financial support

This service is an Open-Source project and its support and development depends on donations. Donations can allow the development team more time to work on the MODX community ecosystem.