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06 august 2018, 11:31

A small snippet that lets you accelerate the website loading by the removal of its secondary elements to ajax requests.

  • You can call AjaxSnippet on any page of the website indicating name of the necessary snippet and parameters.
  • Snippet yields an empty block with preload to current line and register ajax query.
  • After loading the page the request is sent to the server and the response is placed in the prepared block.
  • Request can be sent immediately after page is loaded, or on demand after clicking on link.

Snippet parameters

Name Default values Placeholders
&snippet pdoResources Snippet name you want to run through Ajax.
&propertySet If you wish to use snippet settings (property set) - specify its name.
&wrapper Chunk wrapper. Must contain an element with id="[[+key]]".
&as_mode onload How to load snippet output content: immediately after download (onload) page or by clicking on the link trigger (onclick)?
&as_trigger Link text-trigger mode onclick. On default – entry from the dictionary as_trigger.
&as_target CSS selector element, which is loaded in the response from the server. By default, the content will be placed into the chunk wrapper.

All other/extra parameters you define in AjaxSnippet will be applied to the &snippet. Snippet can be called uncached.


Delayed loading of resources by pdoResources:

    &tpl=`@INLINE <p>[[+id]] - [[+pagetitle]]</p>`

The same as above, but you need to click on the link to request the content:

    &tpl=`@INLINE <p>[[+id]] - [[+pagetitle]]</p>`
    &as_trigger=`Click me!`

History of a page changes is loading on the documentation site through AjaxSnippet.