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List of online users and a blocked user authorization reset


  • Fixes the date of the last visit of each user (in all contexts)
  • Displays a list of online users on the website
  • Revokes authorizations of disconnected and blocked users

Fixing the date of the user visit

For this purpose UserOnline object that is fixed:

  • user ID
  • current context
  • Visit datetime

User visits in the mgr context also recorded. To turn of this, put the system setting usersonline_mgr_check to «No».

Show the list of users online

For this task used getOnlineUsers snippet, which wraps pdoUsers. Accordingly, for design of the results involved pdoUsers, which is passed the call parameters

Snippet getOnlineUsers parameters

&contextsNull value (includes all contexts)Comma-separated list of parents, to check users
&timeInterval-1 (getting the value from system setting usersonline_time_span)Time in seconds, during which the user is considered to be online

System setting of component

usersonline_time_span900Time in seconds, during which the user is considered to be online

Reset authorization of blocked users

By default in MODX, after user was banned he can do everything, he want, while his session is still alive. Plugin UsersOnline check, if current user is active. If he banned or inactive, automatic logoff will be launched and he will be redirected to the main page, after that carefree life of the offender is over.