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It is a component to work with Email distribution.

Snippet is very simple, it lets users work with subscription on their own: to subscribe and unsubscribe.

If a user is authorized, he/she just needs to press the button. If he/she is not, so he/she will need to confirm the email.

Also if an authorized user is already subscribed for distribution, he/she will be shown the button for the end of subscription. Anonyms will be able to unsubscribe by reference from the letter.


&iddistribution identifier (number).
&showInactiveshow/hide inactive distributions.
&msgClassClass that will be displayed in the placeholder [[+class]] provided that the placeholder [[+message]] is not empty. The class is useful if you want to not initially show the block with messages in layout.
&tplActivatechunk with formatting letter with subscribe activation.
&tplSubscribeAuthchunk with form of newsletter subscription for authorized users.
&tplSubscribeGuestchunk with form of newsletter subscription for anonyms.
&tplUnsubscribechunk with form of the end of newsletter subscription.

Snippet activation

Snippet should be activated uncached, because it outputs different chunks depending on user authorization. It is necessary to create a distribution before the usage. See section interface.

[[!Sendex? &id=`1`]]

All messages for the user are displayed in the placeholder [[+message]], in chunks with a form.


Component was written as a demonstration on paid courses of All courses are situated here and you can buy the access to them, if you want.

Initial code on GitHub.

At this moment Sendex is being tested and brought to a stable state.