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An lightweight Extra for processing forms using the Fetch API.


CMS/CMF MODX Revolution has FormIt extra, which implements sending and processing forms, but it works by standard browser method, i.e. with page reloading. But the modern web is demanding and the progressive step is to process them «on the fly». FetchIt, which uses FormIt, is exactly for these tasks, but you can also use your own snippet.


For such purposes there is AjaxForm extra (although FetchIt is almost the same in its server part), but FetchIt has some advantages:

Zero dependencies

FetchIt has no dependencies, while AjaxForm has three: Big jquery library and its jquery-form and jGrowl plugins.

While there's no problem with the latter (you can override methods to show notifications), the first two are tricky.

Modern code

Minified script weighs 5 kilobytes and snippet registers it with attribute defer, thereby not preventing the page load.


Incorporating your wraparound, adding popup messages and modal windows, these are tasks that you can solve very easily.


The extra is available for installation via Package Manager from:

Or you can build a package from the extra repository on GitHub