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NameBy defaultDescription
mspr_activetrueEnables the extra.
mspr_active_before_addtrueEnables remains checkup before adding a product to the shopping cart or changing its amount.
mspr_active_before_ordertrueEnables remains checkup before saving an order.
mspr_active_bcstatustrueEnables remains checkup before changing the order status.
mspr_optionscolor, sizeProduct properties underlying the formation of remains.
mspr_order_status1Product status ID that, when set, will change the amount of remains.
mspr_orderback_status4Product status ID that, when set, will restore the remains amount deducted previously.
mspr_product_grid_fieldsid, color, size, remainsRemains table fields on the product edit page.
mspr_remains_default0Default remains amount for creating a product or adding new properties.
mspr_remains_grid_fieldsid, product_id, pagetitle, color, size, price, published, remainsTable fields on the unified remains edit page.