Dependent filters

30 august 2018, 07:00

There is no dependent filter work in mFilter2, because all data are selected and shown at once. However, it can be imitated with help of a special javascript.

For example, you have 2 tv parameters: brand and model of a car, where model name includes brand name.

Filter output will be like this:


We need &suggestionsRadio for normal work of select filters.

Now we write script that will hide car models the name of which does not begin with the chosen brand:

var modelFilter = {
    // Our selectors
    options: {
        marka: '#mse2_tv\\|marka',
        model: '#mse2_tv\\|model',
    // Initializing the function
    initialize: function() {
        $this = this;
        // We get the elements we need and save them as object properties
        this.marka = $(this.options['marka']);
        this.model = $(this.options['model']);

        // We look into parameters of the address line in search of the chosen brand 
        var params = mSearch2.Hash.get();
        // If there is no such brand there - we turn off models 
        if (params['marka'] == undefined) {
        // If there is such brand there - we turn on models 
        else {

        // We add an operator for brand change 
        this.marka.find('select').on('change', function() {
            // If something is selected, we turn on models 
            if ($(this).val() != '') {
                // We switch model to the first point 'Select from the list' 
                $this.model.find('option:first').attr('selected', true);
                // Then we activate block 
            // If nothing is selected, we turn off models 
            else {

    // Turning off models function 
    disableModel: function() {
        // We look for all fields witn an unempty value
        $this.model.find('option[value!=""]').attr('selected', false).attr('disabled', true);
        // Then we hide the whole block 

   // Turning on models function 
    enableModel: function() {
        // We get the car brand
        var marka = this.marka.find(':selected').text().replace(/\(.*?\)$/, '').replace(/\s+$/, '');
        var re = new RegExp('^' + marka);
        // Then we go through all models and check their names
        $this.model.find('option').each(function() {
            var $this = $(this);
            // If the name does not fit, model should be turned off 
            if (!$this.text().match(re) && $this.prop('value') != '') {
                $this.attr('disabled', true);
            // If it doesm model should be turned on
            else {
                $this.attr('disabled', false);
        // Then we show the whole block witn models 


// Script begins to work when the document is fully downloaded 
$(document).ready(function() {
    // And if on the page there are filters 
    if ($('#mse2_mfilter').length > 0) {

This script is added to a page separately and does not anyhow prevent standard script mSearch2 from working normally.

That is what you should get as a result (you can click on the GIF):

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