06 august 2018, 11:31

Component to manage the banners on the site. Create a banner ad space, then bind to one another, and output on the site in the right places.

It is also able to consider clicks and keep their statistics.


Name Description
&positions Comma separated list of ads positions.
&showLog If true, snippet will add detailed log of query for managers.
&fastMode Fast chunks processing. If true, MODX parser will not be used and unprocessed tags will be cut.
&limit If set to non-zero, will only show X number of items.
&offset An offset of items returned by the criteria to skip.
&sortby Return results in specified order. It can be any field of byAd, "RAND()" or "idx" - index of ad in position.
&sortdir Order of the results
&outputSeparator An optional string to separate each tpl instance.
&where Массив A JSON-style expression of criteria to build any additional where clauses from.
&showInactive Show an inactive items.
&tpl Name of a chunk serving as a item template. If not provided, properties are dumped to output for each item.
&tplFirst Name of a chunk serving as item template for the first item.
&tplLast Name of a chunk serving as item template for the last item.
&tplOdd Name of a chunk serving as item template for items with an odd idx value (see idx property).
&tplWrapper Name of a chunk serving as a wrapper template for the output. This does not work with toSeparatePlaceholders.
&wrapIfEmpty If true, will output the wrapper specified in &tplWrapper even if the output is empty.
&toPlaceholder If set, will assign the result to this placeholder instead of outputting it directly.
&toSeparatePlaceholders If set, will assign EACH result to a separate placeholder named by this param suffixed with a sequential number (starting from 0).


Before use it is necessary to create a banner and a position previously. See in section Interface

[[!BannerY? &position=`2`]]